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In many cases, consumers relate commercial real estate with residential real estate. In reality, other than the words "real estate", the two have very little in common. Commercial real estate (business and commercial properties) should not be compared to residential real estate (housing); commercial real estate has its own set of terminology, processes, social norms. Like any industry, if you've never been in a similar environment, a  lack of knowledge on industry lingo can make the buying/leasing process overwhelming.   

At Keyser, we are always looking out for the space occupiers best interest. As a trusted advisor, it's our duty to make sure you know every detail of the commercial real estate process and what each part of your lease agreement means so that you are able to make the strongest, most educated decision for your business.

Join your hostess (with the mostess), Olivia Garrett and Keyser advisor, Josh Mantel as we dive the following three questions:

1. What's the difference between an expense stop and a base year?

2. How do commercial real estate brokers get paid?

3. What are the three types of commercial real estate leases?

Questions about the commercial real estate industry, the life of a broker, tips on your lease negotiation, or anything else? Let us know, we would love to feature your questions in an upcoming episode of Three Question Thursday. 

If you're a passionate, service-driven broker looking to help occupiers of space grow their businesses through commercial real estate, we've been looking for you. Join our fast-growing team of badass brokers—but fair warning, this offer is only for true badasses who serve one another, expect to win every single time, and are 100% coachable. Sound like you?

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