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7 Employee Survey Questions For New Office Space

Happy smiling successful African American businessman  in a suit in a modern bright office indoors

Happy smiling successful African American businessman  in a suit in a modern bright office indoors


A productive, strong team often means the difference between great success and tragic failure for businesses across all industries. You rely on employees to keep customers happy, develop great work and stay loyal to your company.

With all this riding on them, you should do everything possible to make them happy.

These employee survey questions will ensure that you take them into consideration when looking for a new office space.

1. How long does your daily commute take, and which way do you commute from to arrive at the office (north, south, east or west)?

2. What percentage of your personal budget do you spend on gas each month, and how would an increase in the cost affect your quality of life?

3. Do you currently use public transportation for your daily commute, and how would you be affected if you no longer had that accessibility?

4. Would an additional 5 or 10 miles impact your decision to stay with our company? If not, at what mileage would it make a detrimental impact?

5. Would an additional 20 minutes per day impact your decision to stay? If not, at what point would it make an impact?

6. Do you frequently use amenities like nearby shopping centers and restaurants? If so, would you feel open to a different location that offered similar access to restaurant and shopping options?

7. Would moving away from these types of amenities impact your daily work life, and/or change your feelings about working with us?

Use these employee survey questions to make everyone feel involved in the office space search. It will make everyone feel appreciated when you take the time to understand their needs and desires.

Selfless leaders create amazing companies. Sometimes that means going the extra mile to please as many people as possible. Your employees spend a good portion of their day in the office. Make it a pleasant place to work by doing all you can to meet their needs.

If you don’t, prepare to lose some of your workforce. Some people feel very adverse to major change, especially if it removes a high level of comfort. These employee survey questions help you know what type of office space to find, and how to avoid any loss of employee morale.

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