3 Qualities Needed to Transform into a Gifted Leader

Posted by Olivia Garrett on Jun 11, 2021 12:41:07 PM
Olivia Garrett
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When it comes to leadership in today’s environment, it’s more important than ever to make sure you transform your managers into gifted leaders. A gifted leader is a boss or manager that can increase the level of positive engagement between themselves and those that they manage. This role is filled by someone who can empower their team to reach their full potential, stabilize the environment for their team, and naturally has a selfless service mindset.

When it comes to the personality and mentality of a gifted leader, three major domains within that selfless service personality are truly needed for a manager to transform into a gifted leader. Check out the video below with Keyser’s Human Capital expert and Business Advisory Services Practice Leader, Mikey Maynard as he walks us through what those three factors are and why they are critical to the success of your leadership team.

The Next Generation of Gifted Leader

In the past, especially in a pre-remote employment world, a commanding style of leadership was expected. Companies relied less on collaboration and more on classic duties and tasks that were delegated by management. Today, there has been a shift in what motivates and engages employees. Mikey explains to us one trend he’s been noticing for the next generation of gifted bosses.

The Biggest Mistake Organizations Make When Promoting Someone

The biggest mistake business leaders make when promoting someone who has leadership potential is not training them to be gifted leaders. Managing people requires a different skill set, set of values, and application of time than that which was required when performing the work. Moreover, managing managers requires a different skill set, set of values, and application of time once again. As the person moves up the career ladder, they are expected to have those skills because the leadership qualities or potential are there, but more often than not, they are not given the training opportunities to learn and develop them.

We are here to serve. There’s no one size fits all solution for businesses, so making sure you have a strategy that is custom for your goals, pain points, and industry is critical to the success of your leadership, and the retention and engagement of your entire team. If you would like to take Mikey up on the free consultation offer, you can access his calendar here, or fill out the pop-up form and he will reach out to you directly.

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