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How Site Selection Services Create Value For Tenants

Background image with drawings of modern city

Background image with drawings of modern city

If you're searching for office space, you might be wondering how site selection services offered by a commercial real estate company can help.

Here are six different ways that site selection services can create value for tenants in an office space search:

Unbiased Approach

Using a tenant representation firm provides you with unbiased support without any conflicts of interest. Tenants often assume that the broker representing a building will work on your behalf – and they assume correctly. While the broker will work with you, what tenants overlook is that the broker is also working on behalf of the landlord of the building. You can see the conflict this creates.

A tenant representation firm works for you, and has no alliance with the landlord of the building. This allows a broker to take an unbiased approach to site selection.

Market Intelligence

Provide you with unparalleled market knowledge of current and forecasted market trends on a global basis.

Turnkey Solution

Manage the entire process from site selection and market research through negotiations and move-in.

Workforce Analytics

Improve your workforce performance through the highest quality of labor analytics. Site selection services include demographic analysis, employment studies and an economic analysis of the area to ensure you'll have a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

Innovative Tools

Gain access to innovative analytical tools that will empower you to make strategic location decisions.

Cost Containment

Develop a negotiation strategy that maximizes your ability to secure the optimal economic incentives and real estate terms possible.

Keyser believes in matching our clients’ labor needs with the optimal markets for their operations. Because states and communities differ across a wide range of complex variables, we bring the expertise to help our clients identify ideal locations and labor pools for both cost savings and long-term labor viability.

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