The Impact of Selfless Service—Ryan Flint's Selfless Service Journey

Posted by Olivia Garrett on Oct 14, 2020 2:37:52 PM
Olivia Garrett
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At Keyser, culture matters.

Day in and day out the members of our team focus on changing the business world through selfless service. When Jonathan Keyser founded Keyser, people thought he was insane to think he could disrupt the ruthless nature of the commercial real estate industry. For years, it was almost common practice for brokers to steal clients from another broker, including those from brokers within their OWN company. For Jonathan, it was a shame to see such behavior and be worried that any collaboration could risk his relationship with that client. 

Today, we no longer accept the ruthlessness and deceit that plagued so many firms. Today we fight to serve our clients, partners, and each other fully, selflessly, and completely and only involve ourselves in projects, activities, and conversations that can truly add value to another individual. We strive to be know by one word...SERVICE and all those that we invite to be a part of the Keyser team, follow the same principles.

Now, being a good person, doesn't make you the right person for Keyser. At Keyser, we believe in the consensus of the team—and that means we give everyone a voice on matters such as who to invite to join our working community. During an interview at Keyser, we not only discuss if the candidate is a fit skill-wise, but will the candidate will be successful in our culture.

In 2017, Ryan was not a fit. Most people would take the rejection and abandon the idea of being a part of a disruptive team—or at least this one. Ryan however was different. After years of self-reflection and dedication to his own success through selfless service, Ryan is proud to have created a client base around the Keyser core operating principles and selfless service. Listen to Ryan's story.

Ryan is living proof that if you dedicate your life to selfless service, you can see resounding success. If you believe in the Keyser core operating principles and are looking for a company that doesn't punish mistakes, focuses on outworking the competition, gives first, and most importantly serves, we've been looking for you to join our team of #BadAssBrokers.
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