Office Decorating Ideas For Tech Startups

Posted by Jonathan Keyser on Mar 9, 2015 10:56:48 AM
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For a tech startup, working long hours, brainstorming, and problem solving are daily occurrences. Maintaining a creative space builds morale and fosters creativity. However, being a startup doesn’t necessarily allow for a decorating budget, but this doesn’t mean that you have to throw in the towel.

Here are a few DIY office decorating ideas for tech startups that won’t break the bank:

1. Pick a theme for your office.
What's your company culture? Is it bright and vibrant? Take a lesson from Tanga to pick a theme for your office that matches your company culture.

Tanga Front Desk

2. Add unique touches that inspire you.
Pick meaningful colors that help you embrace your space and photographs that either reestablish your theme or add sentiment like a family photo.

Tanga Baby Picture Wall

3. Anything on your desk can transform into decoration.
Think staplers, tissue boxes, pens, tape holders, calendars. If you’re more on the creative side, you can even make something that adds personality to your space.

Tanga Mascot Bathing in Banana Bucks

4. Add memorabilia.
Themed figurines and accessories can turn your desk into a conversation starter.

office decorating ideas for tech startups

5. Use fun fabric or wallpaper
At Keyser, the favorite quotes of employees provide a motivational backdrop in the break room.

Company Kitchen Office Space

6. Get a plant to add life to your office.
Placing plant life in the reception area greets visitors with a fresh perspective.

Goodmans Flowers


7. Bring in the games.
The essential office decorating idea for tech startups are the games employees can play on break. Ping pong and jenga are good go to games.

R&R Partners Ping Pong Table

Keyser Building Blocks

8. Add your company values.
Remind employees about what your company stands for with values and manifestos displayed around the office.

Goodmans Vision

Tanga Mantra

Keyser Culture & Operating Principles

9. Add a meme wall.
Adding an inside joke can bring an office to life. One tech startup owner was obsessed with keeping the toilet clean. So naturally, employees started a meme wall devoted to the obsession.

Tanga Meme Wall

10. Put employees at the forefront.
Startup employees make or break the business. Pay homage to the employees who are putting everything they have into make your startup a success.

Goodmans Employees

For much larger spaces - a projector, painters tape, and your favorite color paints can be used to create cool images on the wall. Also making “statement walls” by covering certain sections of walls with unique wallpaper can tie everything together. Any way that you can personalize your space and make it feel less ordinary will stimulate innovation and lead to you loving your space.


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