Selfless Service Spotlight: UTU Humanitarian Alliance

Posted by Jonathan Keyser on Dec 22, 2014 10:13:38 AM
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UTU Humanitarian Alliance Selfless ServiceTo help champion the concept of selfless service, Keyser is shining the spotlight on organizations who are committed to serving others. Today, we'd like to feature UTU Humanitarian Alliance and how they are practicing selfless service through the work that they do.

UTU Humanitarian Alliance is a network of caring, globally-responsible businesses and professionals providing essential medical services to indigent people worldwide.

Here's our interview with Paul Heapy, Member of the UTU Humanitarian Alliance, on how their organization practices selfless service.

Selfless service is loosely defined as a service that is performed without any expectation of something in return. How does your organization selflessly serve others?

Utu Humanitarian Alliance unites caring businesses and professionals to provide essential medical procedures to indigent people worldwide. We do not expect anything in return from the people that we help. We are, in fact, anonymous benefactors because the recipients of the humanitarian procedures do not even know who is responsible for the funding of their procedure.

Do you have a specific example or a story of selfless service that has happened at your organization?

Betty's aunt and grandmother both received vision-restoring cataract procedures at our partner clinic in Cange, Haiti by Dr. Cherry.
Utu Humanitarian Alliance Selfless Service

What are your organization’s values, and how does the idea of selfless service fit into those values?

At Utu Humanitarian Alliance we value integrity, charity and reciprocity. We also value our associations with people and organizations that have a passion for helping those that are unable to help themselves.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the world about the idea of selfless service?

There is something unifying about selflessly serving others. We grow in love for those we serve. That is why a parent has such powerful love for their child; for years parents spend much of their days (and too much of their nights!) serving their children.

Keyser is a commercial real estate advisory firm that is transforming the business world through selfless service. Our goal is to prove once and for all that the most self-interested business strategy in the world is to be of selfless service to others. Contact us today to see how we can be of service to you.

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